The Language of Love Behind the Hijab


The little girl was not even five years old yet, but there was something ‘interesting’ that made her cry at that time.

Her parents took her out of the house, but forgot to complete her outfit with a tiny headscarf which she usually wears. Hijab The little one refused openly, tears welled up in his eyes, not wanting to move before the hijab was put on for him. Masyaallah… The case of covering the genitals which he did not really understand on the basis of verses let alone interpretation, turned out to be something that was easy to do, even disturbed the heart when left behind, then the Islamic nature was maintained by habituation.

The above fragments we may often encounter. Something that looks simple, but interesting enough to be explored. Why then can a small child have the desire to keep his private parts, when then many adults around him may not have the same awareness? A child’s heart that is still light to pursue kindness may be the answer. Apparently, the instinct to do good deeds is always there. Unisma We just need to cultivate it with a straight understanding, to then realize, how each of His rules will not lead us to any path except to benefit.

If we look at history in the past, we will find about how civilization has such a low view of women; a period in which society questions the position of a woman in her human values, and her position is equal to objects, even lower than that.

Then Islam came with real forms of glorification. The degree of women side by side with men before Allah, with piety as a parameter. The rules for women are not present to impede their movement and position, but rather as a form of care so that we are in the most comfortable condition for our nature as women.

So hijab in Islamic law is actually a language about love. How Allah sent down rules that so gently show His love for His creatures. The Creator certainly knows best about His creation. Likewise, how a woman who is so precious is then guarded with the obligation to cover her genitals to put her position in the beauty of a guard.

When people who have opposing thoughts consider the shariah hijab as something that limits women’s movement, then we should be aware that hijab is a form of liberation.

Yes, when wearing it, a woman is free to determine who is entitled and who is not entitled to see something that is on her. Then isn’t that true freedom? When later today we are just busy with campaigns to avoid body-shaming cases which are considered disturbing for mental health, in fact Islam has always brought sharia with a pressure point where a person’s physical condition is not a measure of glory.

A Muslim woman is present in the community with her work and role, without having to be judged by how smooth her skin is, how her body curves, or her hairdo, because all of these things are neatly covered behind her hijab.

However, there will always be challenges in every era. Today, the ease of accessing valid sources of knowledge is also directly proportional to the current of the war of thought that is no less intense. We can be deceived by various excuses that arrogantly want to break the steps to follow the path of His shari’a. On the grounds of human rights, fiddling with interpretations and verses, and other forms of deceit that go too far, the Shari’a is also being questioned. So in the end there is no other way to ward off it all other than hoping for help from Allah and religious knowledge.

The verses about the hijab have been laid out clearly, the discussion has been thoroughly studied by the scholars. The awareness to have a passion for learning and then practicing it will actually bring great goodness, especially to ourselves as Muslim women before then bringing other goodness to the wider community. Imagine how many eyes have the potential for evil which can then be prevented by the presence of the Shari’a regarding the hijab. Hijab So it does not only bring personal benefits, but also indirectly avoids the wider community from the potential for greater harm.

And the essence of all that is that the hijab is not just a piece of cloth placed on the head, but is a form of obedience as a proof of our faith in Allah.

In the end, we just need to open our hearts to the truth. Making things simple, as simple as a little girl crying because she missed her hijab. It’s as simple as our belief that this hijab is a garment chosen directly by Allah. Each of us always has a choice for everything, and every choice we will be responsible for. Then, why should we hesitate to follow what the Lord of the Universe has chosen?