• Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

Infinigate launches financial services for partners

Value-added distributor Infinigate is launching a financial services programme to help partners negotiate the economic challenges of a highly competitive market and volatile environment.

Named Infinigate Financial Services, the system will assist partners in overcoming budget constraints, enabling them to fund multi-year subscriptions, securing prices across multiple years and shielding against currency fluctuations – paving the way to a more secure, stable growth path.

The ‘deploy now, pay later’ option, should allow partners to intercept valuable opportunities in a timely manner to stay competitive in a fast-moving environment.

The new services will be available initially across Benelux, France, Germany, the Nordic region, Spain and the UK.

Infinigate’s channel network will have access to bundles including software, hardware and services with a single monthly, quarterly or annual payment, and with a software-only financing option.

The services are designed with simplicity at their core, the distie claims, so that partners can access preliminary quotes and make informed decisions with the support of its advisors.

“We are aware that channel partners can sometimes lose the opportunity to close a deal if the customer does not have ready access to budget that can finance an IT purchase or an IT-SaaS subscription,” says Michael Thompson, VP finance at Infinigate. 

“For resellers who don’t have access to financing solutions/packages they can offer to their customers, Infinigate has developed a ready and easy-to-use service to enable customers deferred payment options, backed by finance experts.

“Partners can then provide two quotes for customers – one with the full payment upfront and one with payments spread over time so they can choose which is best for them.”

Thompson explains Infinigate Financial Services will be particularly useful for small and medium resellers, who may not have their own financial solutions to offer customers.

“Typically, only the largest partners can offer finance services or access competitive third-party funding. This service is for all types of channel partners, including MSPs,” he says.

What does the programme offer?

He explains Infinigate will offer flexible payment terms, finance and leasing services that partners can pass onto their customers to facilitate opex-based payment models for every type of project.

“Our services are delivered with 3stepIT and BNP Paribas. Flexible payment options include: payments spread out over one to five years, deploy now pay later options and monthly, quarterly or yearly payments,” Thompson details.

“In terms of contract options, we offer financial leasing, operational leasing with residual value guarantee and sale and leaseback. The minimum deal size is £30,000.”

Infinigate plans to scale the financial services programme to additional countries across EMEA over the coming months, as part of broader efforts to drive growth.

This includes the recent appointment of Denis Ferrand-Ajchenbaum as chief growth officer to lead expansion strategies.


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