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Basin Business: Turn-key listing offers unique business opportunity in Odessa

ODESSA, Texas (KMIDKPEJ)- This locally owned restaurant and brewery opened its doors in 2019 and was initially successful, with patrons wanting a good meal and a peek inside of the massive restaurant situated on Tres Hermanas Boulevard in Odessa. Then, a worldwide pandemic shuttered businesses globally; the restaurant was hit hard, like many others across the nation. Once bars were allowed to reopen in Texas, the owners were hit again with a devastating loss. 

“If you remember in 2020, we had COVID, then right after that, oil went to a negative, and they (the owners) had some problems, and then there was a death in the family and the owners just decided to go in a different direction,” said realtor, and owner of Copper Key Realty, John Herriage.

The once promising restaurant closed its doors, but Herriage said the time is right for anyone looking for a unique business opportunity. 

“Not very far (from the restaurant)…we are getting the large Bass Pro Shop, once Bass Pro Shop goes in, they’re gonna develop a large shopping center around that…that’s going to pull so many people from all of our surrounding areas. I see this area growing and developing…there’s just so much happening,” Herriage said. “A fun fact about the area, within one mile of this location, there are 900 hotel rooms. And if they had two people in each room, that would be 650,000 people per year in this area just from the hotels. Not including all the new development and homes in the area. The opportunity is endless.”

According to Herriage, the 14,000 square foot business, which sits on about three acres of land, has loads of potential for interested buyers and comes fully equipped with everything you need to run a restaurant, including tables, chairs, dishes, and more. 

“This kitchen is totally awesome. It can be set up for so many different businesses. It could be a steak house, an Italian restaurant…easily it could be a bakery. It’s also set up to do a catering business. And truly, I think, if there’s a piece of equipment you need, it’s here. Smokers…you could do brisket and BBQ; the options are totally endless. This is one of the nicest, well-equipped kitchens in the Permian Basin,” Herriage said.

Herriage, who was in the restaurant business for more than three decades, said the owners spared no expense when designing and equipping the building; a huge incentive for interested buyers.

“It is totally turn-key. I mean, from the mop bucket to the oven you’ll need to bake…everything is included.”

If the restaurant with catering capabilities isn’t enough to sway an interested buyer, Herriage said the state-of-the-art brewery might turn a few heads, even if you don’t know how to brew beer. 

“I can probably teach you how to drink beer. But make beer? I cannot,” joked Herriage. However, he said there’s no need to let that stop an interested buyer. 

“You can hire a crew that can come in and teach you how to make beer or they can come in for you and make your beer. This is…the highest, top-notch quality equipment that you could possibly buy to manufacture beer. I think it could be really cool to manufacture your own beer to be a little creative…bottle that beer, and you could sell that beer locally as a retail item.”

Herriage also said the building would be a great partnership for a brewer and a restauranteur. 

“I think it could be a perfect opportunity to have co-owners. One of the owners could possibly take care of the brewery, one take care of the restaurant. It is a huge operation,” he said. 

Still, Herriage said even though the brewery is one of the property’s most unique features, it can be intimidating. 

“That’s been one of our challenges…the owners are willing to remove the brewing equipment,” Herriage said. 

In that case, the realtor said the purchase cost would go down. 

Aside from the state-of-the art kitchen and brewery, there are other attractive features built right in.

“The infinity bar…there’s probably four different areas here that…you could rent out for different parties,” he said. 

The multi-level restaurant has rooms that can serve as banquet rooms for graduation parties, birthdays, anniversaries, or meeting spaces for large groups. There are even two levels of outdoor seating space equipped with lighting, and heaters for the cooler months; those banquet rooms can open up to the outdoor spaces as well. Herriage said those spaces are perfect for hosting a live band, but he said there are other ways to make the restaurant even more unique, and attractive, to a wide range of patrons. 

“I think this could be a great high-end (restaurant), but it could be subdivided so you could do a couple of different kinds of restaurants, maybe something nice and then there’s some huge party rooms that could maybe be more like a sports bar to take care of the oilfield related guys, the single guys that don’t want a high end restaurant. There’s just so many possibilities,” he said. 

So, if you’re looking for a business opportunity in the Basin, Herriage said now’s the time to invest, as both Midland and Odessa have been growing quickly, and will continue to do so. Maybe you want to start a business, but just don’t know how to get started; if that’s the case, Herriage said there are many people who can help with that. 

“If you want to see the space and learn more about the restaurant, call me…or call your favorite realtor…we can possibly help in the direction of financing. With UTPB, the CEED Building, they have a great department that can help you with business plans,” Herriage said.

You can learn more about the University of Texas Permian Basin’s Small Business Development Center here. You can also view the listing for this business opportunity and get in touch with Herriage here.

“Now’s the time,” Herriage said. 


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