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As Prop Trading Gains Popularity, FX2 Funding Looks To Be Setting Itself Apart From Competitors With A Supportive, User-First Approach

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 7, 2023 / FX2 Funding is a proprietary (prop) trading firm that is establishing itself as a leader in the prop trading sector. With trillions of dollars worth of currencies traded every day on foreign exchange (forex) markets, the sector is significantly larger than even the overall global stock market.

FX2 Funding, Friday, July 7, 2023, Press release picture

FX2 Funding, Friday, July 7, 2023, Press release picture

Forex trading has been increasing in popularity over the years; with millions of traders located around the world. The pandemic in particular reportedly inspired many to begin trading. However, while long-term stock market investing can often be relatively simple, forex trading often tends to carry more risk.

Traders need to understand market trends, use financial instruments, and often make decisions that rely on their attuned instincts.

A reportedly persistent problem for traders is undercapitalization. One risk of undercapitalization is that the trader isn’t able to cover any losses on the market. The forex market is often subject to serious swings which can sink undercapitalized traders.

But even if a trader is only making successful trades, undercapitalization limits the gains they do make. For example, if a trader makes a 7% profit on a $2,000 investment, this only translates to $140. This is why some traders are turning to prop firms, as they can provide retail traders with a reliable stream of capital.

The prop trading sector used to be filled almost entirely with banks and professional institutions, almost exclusively favoring traders with years of experience and employing them. However, following the 2008 banking crisis and the rise of online trading, the ecosystem has opened up, and anyone with sufficient motivation and discipline can access the global financial markets. FX2 Funding looks to offer the best service in the retail prop trading space, and the company has published a white paper with a detailed analysis of the industry highlighting how the landscape has evolved – and how FX2 Funding stands out.

A Streamlined Firm That Supports Traders

FX2 Funding believes that success is found when prop traders are allowed to trade with the greatest possible freedom. While some unscrupulous prop firms have been known to take advantage of prop traders, FX2’s priority offers a generous and user-based service. To achieve this, it offers simple registration rules, regular payouts and a streamlined trading process.

In its white paper The Prop Firm Revolution the company offers a detailed analysis of the current state of the prop industry and how FX2 is addressing needs in the market. With Basel 2 in Europe and the Volcker Rule in the US in place, large banks’ activity in the prop trading space has significantly reduced, leading to the growth of prop trading firms like FX2 Funding – and the company is setting itself apart from its competitors with its welcoming approach.

Trading with FX2 is governed by three straightforward rules, and the company believes that this setup maximizes trading opportunities, as many of its competitors restrict their users with complex trading requirements. FX2 allows any trading strategy, permits weekend holding and has also eliminated the stop-loss restriction held by many prop firms.

FX2 believes its approach promotes maximal flexibility for its traders and allows them to give full reign to their creativity. In addition to lowering restrictions, the company also provides a robust support infrastructure for its traders. One crucial aspect of its platform is providing real money to fund all trader accounts when competitors often reportedly do not – meaning that it has a vested interest in every trader’s success. The company says “We do not approve of prop firms that provide their passing traders with demo accounts and pay traders’ profit shares out of their own pockets. Besides the risk of ruin, we find it disreputable to root against our own traders.”

This assistance includes a generous profit split of up to 85%, along with regular and reliable payouts, the first within seven days and all following payments every 14 days. It also offers support by means of an active FX2 trading community on Discord and Facebook.

The company also provides top-tier resources through the FX2 Academy. Its comprehensive educational materials include webinars, ebooks and white papers. It also provides attentive, round-the-clock customer service, with support available via phone call, email or live chat.

Learn more about how to get started trading with FX2 Funding today.

Read the full whitepaper here.

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