Chile is defined by the rugged Andes mountain range and Pacific Ocean spanning the length of this narrow, nearly 3,000-mile-long country. This Latin country is blessed with natural beauty in the extreme:  active volcanos, spectacular glaciers, forest-lined fjords, the world-renown towers and peaks of Patagonia and the driest desert on earth. Chile’s intricate coastline results in a multitude of beautiful beaches and coves. One such cove is Zapallar, a small, sparkling bay hidden from the main roads that traverse Chile, and only 90 minutes drive from Santiago, the nation’s capital.

With few year-round residents, Zapallar is a quiet destination. However, during the summer months of January and February the town fills up as people arrive to take advantage of the ocean and warm days. December is the perfect month to visit as crowds have not yet arrived. Zapallar’s beach lies at the center of a wide horseshoe bay. The surrounding hills create a setting reminiscent of Cinqueterra (Italian Coast) and provide protection from wind for the beach.

The bay is a perfect place to swim. A fun, mile-long swim commences at the fisherman’s wharf and follows a circuit to Isla Seca (open ocean where the waves are bigger), to the calm waters of the beach and back to the wharf. Longer 2-mile swims are available at neighboring Cachagua and “the Cemetery.”

If you are interested in visiting Zapallar for a swimming adventure, contact Emilio Casanueva.